Purpose and Vision

Advancing climate change, the growing global population, rising urbanization, and new forms of mobility are enormous global challenges the world is facing. Covestro is meeting these challenges, thus bringing together economic success and sustainability. The goal is to realize Covestro’s purpose: “To make the world a brighter place.”

Our aim is to provide solutions to global challenges with our high-performance polymer materials. In pursuing it, we rely on technologies that reduce energy usage and emissions in our production processes. The products and solutions we develop are replacing traditional materials such as glass and metal, which are manufactured less sustainably or have a less sustainable life cycle. We are convinced that our long-term strategy of pursuing a will bring us closer to achieving our purpose.

Based on this purpose, we formulated a new vision during the reporting year and made it an integral element of our Group strategy: “We will be fully circular.” Our vision provides us with a clear direction in which we want to develop as a company. With our products, which aim at circularity, we intend to contribute to solutions to global challenges along the entire value chain. We intend to achieve that, for example, by developing non-fossil-based polymer production, converting to renewable energy, and establishing recycling systems. To this end, we are increasing our participation in collaborative partnerships and networks.

Purpose, vision, and strategy

Purpose, vision, and strategy (graphic)

Our corporate values and corporate culture as embodied by our employees are major factors in putting our purpose, vision, and strategy into action.

Circular economy
A regenerative economic system in which resource input, waste production, emissions, and energy consumption are minimized based on long-lasting and closed material and energy cycles.